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Company Culture

Our company’s culture consistently improves employee engagement, communication, and trust. 

Employee Feedback

We utilize employee feedback to understand what makes Luminosity a great workplace and pinpoint areas where more effort is needed to create positive change. 

Safe Work Environment

Design working environments that are safe, comfortable and appealing to work in. In offices, include a range of physical spaces that allow for privacy, collaboration, and simply hanging out.

Growth & Development

Provide employees with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow, both in establishing new job-specific hard skills, as well as softer skills that serve them well as individuals, and as managers and leaders. 

Diversity & Benefits

We prioritize diversity and believe in a culture rooted in collaboration, growth, and mobility. From competitive salaries and benefit packages, we offer employees benefits that improve their personal lives as well as their careers.


We are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, where there are opportunities for all, everyone feels like they belong, and different perspectives are valued.

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