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Building BRIGHTER Tomorrows Today

Luminosity Behavioral Health Services, Inc. offers outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Services for anyone struggling to cope with life's challenges. Whether you've been diagnosed with a mental health or addiction disorder or you are just beginning to seek answers, professionals can help you build a healthier life for yourself. We are a multi-specialty agency that provides outpatient clinical services for all age groups. Contact us to learn more.

Community-Based Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment



Welcoming Diversity

We are committed to helping the under-served communities and fully embrace diversity. We help individuals and families from all walks of life.



Understanding Environment

 We consider cultural context, systemic influences, and dynamics of power in the understanding of current struggles and the process of healing.



Empowering Treatment

We constantly strive toward increasing safety, trust, self-value, choice, collaboration, and empowerment in every encounter and decision we make. 

Unique Interventions


We understand the body carries our stories. We offer interventions that incorporate body-centered interventions in trauma healing.

Outpatient Clinical Services For All Age Groups

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."


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